Mullany e-Mentoring

Supporting young people online to develop their skills, improve confidence and move towards achieving their goals.

Mullany e-Mentoring is our flagship programme of support. It supports young people to build on their aspirations and gain knowledge and skills to help them take steps towards a career of their choice.

Although our focus is on life sciences/healthcare and STEM subjects, we help students to develop and enhance more generic skills such as revision and study techniques and to improve their confidence and resilience to help them make decisions on next steps and future options.

Delivered through the medium of a secure and safe online, bilingual e-Mentoring platform, Mentora Mullany, Mullany e-Mentoring matches students aged 14-19 with a dedicated professional mentor who provides tailored advice and guidance based on themes of supports for the duration of the session.


Mullany e-Mentoring aims to dispel myths, promote agency and self-efficacy and aid students in making more informed decisions about their future.





The Mullany e-Mentoring project is supported and informed by a 'theory of change' which can be downloaded here.