You can help young people build on their aspirations.

Moving them towards their choice of life-science or STEM career.

How does it work?

The project supports young people to build on their aspirations and gain knowledge and skills to help them move forward towards a career of their choice. Our focus is on life science careers, but we also help people to gain broader skills like confidence and communication, which will help them to start out on their career pathway. Support is all provided through online mentoring, and we particularly try to support young people who will find it more difficult to get the support they need, because no-one in their family or networks has followed the path that they would like to pursue.


Sign up to be a mentor

We are now accepting applications for the forthcoming session. Mentors can apply at any time to become a mentor. However, if you wish to be included on an advertised session, it is important that your application form AND up to date DBS is submitted before the application deadline advertised.


Matched by us

Any young person who signs up will be matched with a mentor who is studying or working in the area that the student is considering for their future career, or who requires support to help them choose their future career path.


Everything is done online

Over a period of 8-10 weeks, the student can ask questions about anything related to managing their studies or their future career ideas.

What will be asked?

The mentor will be supported to provide advice on topics such as:-

Things you should know

DBS Check

In order to be entered into the process where you are matched with a student to mentor, you will need a DBS that is 3 years in date at the end of the session you have applied for. If you haven't got one, don't worry, the project will pay for this and we will give you instructions on how to apply!

Number of students you will mentor

As a mentor, you may be assigned up to 3 students

Regular contact

Please only sign up if you can commit to sending your student at least one message per week. Having regular contact encourages the student to remain engaged, which is key to the programme! If you know that you are going to be on holiday during the session dates, or if you know you are going to be somewhere where e-mail is intermittent, we would be grateful if you could wait to sign up in a future session.

A fast start is good

Sending a message in the first few days of the session is really important. Many students check the site as soon as the session starts, and if there is no message, they lose interest quickly!

Sometimes you won`t be matched

Please don’t be disappointed if we are unable to find you a student to mentor. It depends on who signs up to the programme, what their interests are and how many mentors there are who have this interest. Please do not let this put you off as we need a wide ranging mentor bank!

Your mentee may not respond

Sometimes, the student you are aiming to mentor will not engage well. We do try and encourage their engagement throughout the programme, but this sometimes happens, as a student may sign up and then decide that they are not interested after all. You should also be aware that sometimes the student you are allocated will change their mind about their area of interest, or ask about something outside of life sciences. We hope you can still offer general support but if not, let us know. We hope that this will not put you off being a mentor, we need you!

Case Studies

Information for mentors
Felicity's experience
Our impact

What happens next?

The next steps

Register using the online form
Send a copy of your DBS to or apply for one as soon as possible
Matching takes place 1-2 weeks before the session date
The Mullany Fund let you know if you have or have not been matched
Attend webinar training
Receive details about and login for the project
Login, and once your mentee has logged in you can start to chat online

Our next e-Mentoring session will run from the 29th April to 21st June.

Deadline to apply - 22nd April

Mentors can apply at any time to become a mentor. However, if you wish to be included on an advertised session, it is important that your application form AND up to date DBS is submitted before the application deadline advertised. When uploading the DBS document, please ensure that you provide it in a password-protected PDF document and contact us separately with the password. We will delete this file from our records once we have checked it. If you miss this deadline, you will still have your own page and login details to access this, where you can manage which future sessions you might wish to be included in.