Virtual Work Experience

Take a look at what our mentors have to say about a day in the life of their chosen professions.

Work experience is a fantastic way to engage with different careers and to gain insight into what that job really entails. It’s also essential for some degree courses at university and for certain future careers. 

During the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, when in-person work experience was impossible to access, we asked some of our fantastic Mullany e-Mentors to talk to us about what life is like in their professions. Hopefully, they'll provide some useful insight into specific careers and help to give our students a 'virtual experience' of a day in the life of a relevant job.

As we are now able to return to in-person experiences, our mentors are able to offer local opportunities to their mentees. However, some invaluable insights into careers during the pandemic are still available here to view at any time. Click on the relevant link to hear from a mentor about their experiences.

A day in the life of a Veterinary Clinical Researcher - Dr Grace

A day in the life of a Veterinary Surgeon - Dr Evelyn

A day in the life of a Veterinary Surgeon - Dr Jenny

A day in the life of a Vet Student - Scott


A day in the life of a GP - Dr Llinos

A day in the life of a GP (Welsh version) - Dr Llinos

A day in the life of a Junior Doctor - Dr Grace


A day in the life of an Adult Nurse - Nerys

A day in the life of an Adult Nurse - Louise


A day in the life of a Physiotherapist - Sarah


A day in the life of a Diagnostic Radiography Student - Susan


A day in the life of an Epidemiologist - Oghogho

A day in the life of a Virologist - Sofia

A day in the life of a Research Scientist - Helen W

A day in the life of a Research Scientist - Helen S

A day in the life of a Clinical Scientist/Cardiac Physiologist - Emma

A day in the life of a Biomedical Scientist - Adam


A day in the life of a Forensic Science Lecturer - Josephine


A day in the life of a Pharmacist - Cate


A day in the life of a Marine Biologist - Camilla


Virtual Workshop with the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC)

Thanks to the brilliant ATiC team, we were able to offer a virtual morning workshop in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic that was offered to a few of our e-Mentoring students. The workshop focused on developing a mental health app and it was well received by all involved. Due to the success of the trial session, we look forward to working with the ATiC team again in future session and offer more of these fun workshops to our students.

Here’s some feedback we received from students involved:

‘I enjoyed discussing our assessment of the mental health apps with a small group since everyone had the opportunity to say something. I felt very involved. But I think my favourite part of the workshop was interviewing the staff (who were playing the users of the app) with open ended questions about their mental health to determine the best features and what to include.’

‘The workshop was very interesting. I gained lots of new knowledge about upcoming technology and about mental health. I really enjoyed the interviews we had to do — they were a fun challenge. I would’ve really liked to see how apps are made and the process behind them. Maybe even make a preview to an app that we discussed. Overall, it was a great experience!’


Royal Air Force Question & Answer session

During the autumn 2020 session, we were lucky enough to team up with Harry and Steph from the Royal Air Force (RAF) to provide one of our e-Mentoring students, who had an interest in becoming an RAF Nurse, an hour long online Q&A session. This session was a huge success and has made the student more determined to join the RAF in the future. Thank you so much Harry and Steph!

‘Through the Mullany Fund I was given the opportunity to talk to an RAF team, from this experience I have gained a lot of knowledge on my future career which I couldn’t have experienced without Mullany Fund whereas before I was uncertain and worried but through speaking to my mentor and Sioned who organised the meeting, I now feel much more at ease.’

‘I really enjoyed the meeting with Steph and Harry, it really has helped me and I’m really excited for the future with the RAF.’


Nursing, Medicine and Midwifery Virtual Workshop

We were fortunate enough to work closely with the Nursing Department at Swansea University who ran a virtual session for students interested in medicine, nursing, and midwifery. Thanks to the fantastic team, students were able to receive invaluable information around their career of interest, information around student finance and a Q&A session was held at the end to ensure every question was answered.

Here’s some feedback we received from students that attended:

I really liked how the workshop staff were very laid back, so I wasn't nervous taking part. I also found it very helpful that I was able to decide between three sections medicine, nursing and midwifery as even though i am wanting to become a nurse i decided to join the midwifery section as i have never looked into it before.’

‘Personally, I enjoyed the most about the finance aspect of the workshop because I didn't really know much before the workshop. I also found the midwifery section to really pique my interest because of the interesting information I learned.’


Forensic Science Virtual Workshop

One of our fantastic volunteer mentors offered to host a virtual forensic science workshop. Using SecondLife, students could step into the role of a forensic scientist and analyse a virtual crime scene. From snapping photographs to collecting evidence and analysing imprints, students completed a workbook to mirror what they would have to document in the real world as a forensic scientist. A unique experience, it demonstrated that forensic science is very different from what is shown on tv shows such as CSI and gave students a greater understanding of the role.

A discussion was held at the end of the workshop where students could discuss their findings and feedback on the experience as a whole. Here’s what they had to say:

‘I really enjoyed getting involved with the virtual crime scene. It made me realise that there are a lot of little details that can be missed so easily when investigating crime scenes.’

‘It was great to work on an interactive crime scene, listening to witnesses and making note of evidence I gathered from the scene, it was so much fun to think like a detective and put everything together. I also enjoyed completing the workbook as we went along and the discussion at the end.’


During the autumn of 2021, although the COVID-19 pandemic was still on going, in line with the Welsh Government Guidelines we were able to arrange a few face-to-face workshops for students.


3D Prototyping and UX workshop with the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC)

After hosting a few well received virtual workshops during the height of the pandemic, the ATiC team were very happy to welcome a few of our students to their state-of-the-art facilities on the SA1 Waterfront in Swansea.

This interactive workshop focused on 3D printing in the morning and its use within the healthcare sector. Students were introduced to some interesting projects the ATiC team were currently working on and were made aware of how technologies and healthcare can work together to improve future care. In the afternoon they undertook activities based around user experience (UX). This opened the student’s eyes to how important it is to research and trial products to gain knowledge from a variety of users before expanding and developing products further.

Read more about this fantastic workshop by clicking here

Quotes from participants:

‘Meeting the team and getting to know more about their individual backgrounds and how they got to where they are today. I found it fascinating that they all did different degrees in completely different subjects, but they all work in the same team and really complement each other. I'd love to be a part of a team that works this well in the future.’

‘It was a great opportunity to find out wider range of healthcare, furthermore different use of VR and 3D printing technology. I never had a chance to be familiar with those technologies before, however I enjoyed the aspects of them and led me to think more open minded.’


Swansea University Healthcare Workshop

Due to the success of the first workshop held by Swansea University College of Human Health, they agreed to run and informative Q&A session for students in years 11+ who were interested in pursuing a career in either nursing or medicine. The session was held by Mr Dean Snipe, Senior Lecturer in child nursing and Robyn Taylor, a current first year studying Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) at Swansea University.

Both speakers gave a general introduction to themselves including the path they chose to get to where they are today, engaging with students via open questions every chance they got. Students were very keen to learn more about the variety of opportunities available within both medical fields. It’s clear from the feedback we received from students that this session was very informative and interesting, and we look forward to working with the College of Human Health team again in the near future.

‘Seeing how truly passionate both Dean and Robyn were about their roles within healthcare. It was really inspiring to see that they were happy they made the decision to become a nurse/future doctor and that has really made me feel so much better about my decision. Following the pandemic, I was doubting if healthcare was the best career option for me as you'd hear horror stories about staff burnout (which I know was a thing pre pandemic) but when Dean was talking about his career and his best/worst days it reassured me that I am going into the profession for all the right reasons and that, as a team, you support each other through the bad days.’

‘Listening to Dean talk about his past and all that he has experienced over the years as a child nurse. He was very engaging and funny with his responses. Robyn was great too and gave us so much help when it came to buzz words they use in medical interviews and how we should try and format our responses.’


The Mullany Fund & Social Mobility Foundation (SMF): Insight Series

Throughout the autumn 2021 term, we were lucky enough to run an Insight Series in partnership with The Social Mobility Foundation. The Insight Series consisted of three online webinars, each with an individual theme for discussion. All speakers were Mullany e-Mentoring volunteers, and we can’t express how grateful we are that they took the time to present to our, and SMF students.


Patient Orientated Work


  • Dr Evelyn Maniak – Veterinary Surgeon
  • Susan Omope – Diagnostic Radiography student
  • Nerys Williams – Adult Nurse


Focus on Case Studies


  • Emma Lane – Clinical Scientist
  • Dr Heather Elliot – Junior Doctor
  • Helen Scott – Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Adam Fellows – Biomedical Scientist
  • Paul Anastasiades – Neuroscientist


A Day in the Life of....


  • Sarah Owen – Physiotherapist
  • Dr Jenny Reeve – Veterinary Surgeon
  • Camilla Cassidy – Data Analyst
  • Dr Grace Barnes – Junior Doctor


MMI Workshop

Alongside the Insight Series, 10 Mullany Fund students were selected to take part in an online Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Workshop hosted by The SMF and Imperial College London. A very informative workshop, each student had the opportunity to engage in an individual medical interview to help build up their confidence ahead of attending their actual medical interviews early in the spring of 2022.

We wish them all the best of luck!