Mullany Book Bursary

Our Mullany Book Bursaries are awarded to students who have an interest in pursuing a Life Science subject at university and who have been involved in our e-Mentoring programme.

We have been lucky enough to have received some wonderful life science ‘good reads’ recommendations from our volunteer mentors, which included books and articles which they feel will support our students in their future endeavours.

Our first book bursaries were offered in Autumn 2020!

Below we've included testimonials from successful students, who have selected books from this list and to whom we have offered the bursaries.


Autumn 2020 recipients:

Caitlin - Pharmacy

‘The book 'Bad Pharma' by Ben Goldacre has grabbed my attention in every way, I cannot wait to read it. I believe this book will be of benefit for me to achieve my future goals because it has information I am going to need, and it offer an insight into a pharmacy career and what it is all about.’

Ragavi - Medicine

‘Looking at the books under the medicine section - My eyes drew to ‘Get into medical school -1250 UKCAT practice questions’ because to get into medical school, I will need to sit the UKCAT exam next year summer, and I’m confident this book will be useful and will help me get a step closer to achieving my goal.’

Kian - Medicine

'My selection of books offer a diverse reading list which I can reference throughout my university application, and crucially, upon interview. Having read these would put me in good stead by showing rather than telling them of my wider reading into the degree course; I'd likely have a more comprehensive understanding of the degree course compared to my cohort- a massive advantage.'

Lauren – Medicine

‘My book of choice would be, 'Get into medical school -1250 UKCAT practice questions’ as I feel like it would benefit me to have some idea of what I will be faced with when being tested to get into medical school.’

Erin – Veterinary Science

‘The book ‘Getting into Veterinary School’ would provide confidence and reassurance of how to present myself in interviews, and how to prepare etc to ensure the greatest chance of success in getting a place. Whether I fulfil my dreams of becoming a veterinary surgeon or not, I am sure that I will definitely have a career in veterinary science field and therefore these books would stay with me not only to see me through qualification, but through my career.’

Morgan – Natural Sciences

‘Receiving these books will help me choose which subjects and specific topics I enjoy and am interested in within the natural sciences, as it will allow me to read more in-depth about them, and possibly learn new things. These books will also give me a lot of knowledge about the subjects that interest me, which will probably make me even more enthusiastic about my favourite topics.’