Who Do We Work With?

The Mullany Fund works with a variety of organsations to deliver its work. Recruiting students through local schools is obviously crucial to what we do and we'd like to thank the teachers who help us do this. We also present to local voluntary organiatons, through which we hope to recruit those students who might not be so confident in coming forward in a school setting. Finally, The Mullany Fund collaborates with other respected organisations that promote social mobility and/or the life sciences and STEM careers. Working closely with all these organisations enables the charity to deliver its innovative e-Mentoring service in the most efficient and sustainable manner, offering outstanding value for money. 


Social Mobility Foundation

In 2021 our Events Officer, Sumayah Hussain, was seconded to the Social Mobility Foundation. Her key task was to organise live webinars around life science professions, provided by our volunteer mentors, as well as workshops around MMI interview techniques. She also provided support resources for those who attended. The whole process supported our Insight Series, and we are very grateful to the Social Mobility Foundation for agreeing to support Sumayah in this process and we hope to collaborate with them again on future projects.

‘The guest speakers, especially the adult nurse, were excellent at providing me with an insight into the pros and cons of their career as well as the daily, lived-in experience of their jobs.’


Logo for Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre at University of Wales

Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATIC), UWTSD

We have been fortunate enough to work closely with the team over at ATIC who have provided some wonderful opportunities for our e-Mentoring students. During the height of the pandemic they ran a few virtual workshops around developing a mental health app for young people and more recently, face to face workshops on 3D printing and UX expereince.

‘Seeing a team of people, all from different backgrounds work so well together. They each had their area of interest and specialty but they all got along and had a lovely working environment. 3d printing was awesome too!’


STEM Ambassadors

Anyone with industry experience or professional knowledge of STEM subjects can become a STEM Ambassador. We have been fortunate enough to have been invited to present to professionals who have signed up to the STEM Ambassadors Scheme, and as a result, many individuals have agreed to become Mullany mentors to our young participants. This collaborations has, in particular, enabled us to recruit several engineers into our Mentor Bank, thus providing a new area of support over the past year.


Swansea University Nursing, Midwifery and Medicine team

A team of Healthcare lecturers at Swansea University have given up their time on several occasions to run workshops for our students, explaining the different pathways to healthcare careers, as well as giving an insight into their profession and university life. 

‘(The workshop was) realistic and informative. Other workshops can be biased in what they say but this was a great realistic talk that has improved my confidence in applying to University.’


Logo for Scarlets Rugby

Scarlets Rugby

The medical team over at Scarlets rugby have kindly offered week long summer placements for students who engage well with our e-Mentoring scheme. Shadowing a multidisciplinary team made up of physiotherapists, dietitians and psychologists, students witnessed how they work together to make sure players perform on the field and recover quickly off the pitch. We are very grateful and look forward to arranging more placements in the future.

'I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing what it takes to work in the industry. A couple of moments stand out as I reflect on the experience - observing training sessions with the Performance Analyst interns, providing assistance to a few of the physios during rehabilitation sessions for of the injured players.’


 Logo for Ospreys in the Community

Ospreys in the Community

Working with the team over at Ospreys in the Community, we have been able to gain access to the young people they work with who are at risk of becoming NEET at age 16. Through engaging with our online mentoring project, hopefully these young people will gain an understanding of all the opportunities available to them and encourage them to think and plan their next steps.


University College London Hospital ( ULCH)

Year 11 and 12 students involved in our e-Mentoring sessions, and with an interest in different aspects of medicine, nursing or the Allied Health Professions have been lucky enough to receive  week long placements at UCLH as part of their summer programme. Through a combintion of workshops, clinical simulations and lectures, the placements aimed to provide a unique insight into qualities needed for 21st century healthcare professionals