Student testimonials

More than 1000 students have registered for one of our amazing mentors over the last 3 years and have benefited from the advice, support and guidance given.

We value the feedback our students give us as it helps us to build on our successess and continue to provide the best support possible to young people across South Wales. Here we share some of their thoughts on the impact our project has had on them.


'My mentor is amazing! Nothing I have asked has been too much and the information she has given me has been invaluable.' - Year 12 student.

'I have the confidence now that I can achieve what I want to achieve. I honestly can't speak highly enough of my mentor.' - Year 12 student.


'I have learnt great things with this and I have found out about how to get the job I want.' - Year 10 student. 

'It has been very helpful and I will highly recommend it to my peers and younger students.' - Year 12 student.


'Excellent support network providing great opportunities. Always happy to help and answer any questions and very understanding.' - Year 12 student. 

'It is a thrilling experience to talk to someone with a scientific background and get advice on life choices.' - Year 12 student.


'My mentor has helped me with better studying and understanding topics more over the last few weeks.' - Year 9 student. 

'My mentor has helped me think about what steps I need to take to achieve the career that I want.' - Year 11 student.