Mentor profiles

Take a look at some of the many exciting life science areas our mentors work or study within!

Our mentors are from all walks of life, and have careers that span the Life Sciences. Many have already achieved their career goals, whilst others are in the training and studying phases of their career paths. Check out where in the life sciences some of our mentors are based.



"I am the senior teaching lab technician for the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol. Before that I was a research lab technician in a variety of different posts. I studied Microbiology and Virology as a BSC degree then went on to do a MSc in Biochemistry followed by a PhD looking at programmed cell death in Barretts Oesophagus - a condition which predisposes to oesophageal cancer."

“I am an experienced Biomedical Scientist now working as the Pathology Clinical Training Manager at Swansea Bay University Health Board. I am responsible for education and workforce development within the Pathology department and work with Careers Wales to promote careers within Healthcare Science.”


"I am a physiotherapist currently working in professional rugby in West Wales whilst also studying for a Masters degree in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health. I took a year out of study after my A-Levels to work out what I wanted to do whilst I worked in a bank and as a healthcare assistant to get money. I study for my BSc In Physiotherapy in Cardiff and now study as a distance learner at UCL."

“I have been a physiotherapist for the past 19 years.  I have worked in lots of different settings including hospitals, businesses, GP clinics and overseas.  For the past 6 years I have been teaching Physiotherapy at a University in the UK where I am an admissions tutor and a senior lecturer. I have a master’s degree in acupuncture and teach this skill to post-graduate physiotherapists.”



"I have been running my own company Nature Days for over 12 years as an independent provider of quality field work in many locations on Gower.  I teach geography and science outdoors using the Gower countryside."


"I am currently a lecturer at Coventry University where I teach on modules for nutrition and dietetics. I have worked in the NHS as a clinical dietitian in areas such as elderly medicine  surgery  cardiology  stroke  and kidney failure."



"I’m in my late twenties and a medical student at Swansea University, and hold a BSc and MSc in bio sciences. I’m new to e mentoring at the moment, but I am keen nonetheless to help those who need some guidance or just someone to listen."

“I am a first year medical student at Swansea University, having gained a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Medical Biochemistry from Swansea University in 2019. I have a keen interest in helping prospective students achieve their goals of applying to bioscience and medical courses. I have also worked as a student ambassador and college representative for the medical school over the last 3 years - playing a key role in medical school admissions and course development.”

“I completed medical school as a graduate entry student, after doing a BSc in Biochemistry.  I then started junior doctor training in South Wales.  I have been working in General Practice for the last decade.  I have also experience of tutoring undergraduate students  in both the University of Liverpool and University of Manchester.”

Research Science

"I am a senior research scientist with the University of Bristol. I am developing experiments to test the anti-cancer ability of a new therapy developed by a University of Bristol company, Cytoseek. I originally did A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics before graduating with a 2.2. in Biochemistry from Imperial College London. I have worked at Imperial College on how to boost the immune system to fight cancer and at Queen Marys University, London, studying how to dampen the immune system to prevent heart disease and enhance the survival heart transplants."

“I am a research scientist working in the area of infectious diseases, specifically Virology. This is my second season mentoring with the Mullany Fund and found the process of mentoring really rewarding.”

"I am a behavioural neuroscientist working in the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University. My research is on how brains build models of the world that let us predict what is likely to happen next and how we use these models to make good decisions."



"I currently study Paramedic Science at Coventry University. I have enjoyed every minute of it and am very pleased to be given the opportunity to influence others in becoming a Paramedic. I come from Northern Ireland where I worked for a private Ambulance service delivering first aid at different sports events. I am also a qualified swimming teacher, experienced in teaching customers of all ages stretching from 4 year olds to 60 year olds. This experience has allowed me to learn different learning techniques to ensure everyone gets a chance to learn."

“I am a registered paramedic, who now works at the University of the West of England (UWE) as a senior lecturer on the paramedic science program. I love being a paramedic and I love educating and hopefully inspiring the future generation of compassionate and caring paramedics. Healthcare in general is not something I considered as a career initially but have found it to be hugely rewarding and I am so glad that I took the leap into the ambulance service.”

Veterinary Science

"I am a current veterinary student (2nd year) at the University of Bristol. I received offers for Liverpool University and the RVC as well. I took a somewhat convoluted route to university, having not performed as well as my peers at my A-Levels, and have a good understanding of the alternative routes into vet school, as well as interview technique and tips for work experience."

"I am approaching the end of my 3rd year studying Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol and would like to provide guidance to anyone wanting to enter the veterinary profession, or just general study advice."

"I am a veterinary surgeon working full-time in a university. I graduated in 2015 with Honours and then spent just over 2-years working in a private small animal practice. While doing this  what I loved most was teaching veterinary students on placement at the practice  and so in 2018 I changed to my current job  which involves teaching veterinary students full time."



"I’m a pharmacist and I focus on evaluation of the pharmacists’ role in public health particularly alcohol screening. I also do medication safety research on the types and causes of medication incidents. I’ve lived in Wales, near Cardiff, for 15 years and led undergraduate admission for pharmacy at Cardiff University, giving talks to pupils, teachers and career advisers about pharmacy."


"I am a BSc Psychology graduate currently studying Neuroimaging at the masters level. I am passionate about human behaviour and I aim to help humanity understand it by investigating how the brain generates and supports behaviour. To do this, I am training as a researcher to learn how I can conduct studies that can help me answer neuroscientific questions. At the moment I am involved in a research project which looks at how the brain processes meaning, an essential ability that allows us to interact with our environment and survive!"



“I qualified as a children’s nurse in 1997 and have worked in lots of different areas since then. I am also one of the very few male children’s nurses who is also a qualified school nurse, I did that job for 6 years before I moved into education. I am currently working as lecturer in children’s nursing at Swansea University, where I teach on a number of programs for people training to be nurses, and those who are nurses who are doing further training. I am also the children’s nursing admissions tutor so I can certainly help advise you on your UCAS personal statements if you want to apply to become a nurse.”

“I am currently an adult nurse lecturer at swansea University. Prior to this I worked within the Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery for almost twenty years. I have been involved in education as a learner at various stages throughout my life, and appreciate the opportunities afforded by undertaking a variety of courses that range from a degree in media communication to a social work diploma. I would like to support individuals in an effort to achieve their goals and realize their potential.”



“I have been a qualified Midwife for six years and have worked clinically in Hywel Dda Health Board since graduating from Swansea University.  I am very fortunate to also work at Swansea University as the Welsh Medium Lecturer for Midwifery for the past three years.”

“I am a 3rd year student midwife studying at UWE in Bristol but living in Port Talbot. I also work as a healthcare support worker across several wards.”

“I am the Head of Midwifery and Lead Directorate Nurse at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.  I’m a registered adult nurse and a midwife with over 20 years experience.  I am also a professional doctorate student at Cardiff university where I’m studying advanced healthcare practice and the experience of women receiving vaccinations in pregnancy.”



“I’m a 4th year dental student studying at Kings College London. Dentistry is a challenging but rewarding course and I would love to help others in their journey to dentistry. I spend most of my days on clinics in Guys Hospital providing the best care I can for my patients or in labs making prostheses for the patients I am currently seeing. In my free time I am on committees for several dental related societies and dance society.”

“I am currently in my second year of Dentistry. I was involved in academic and personal mentoring for a large part of my time at school and decided to pursue my interest in mentoring programmes at university.  I have always enjoyed engaging with other students sharing my experiences with them and learning from theirs. I would be happy to support any prospective dental applicants as well as students seeking general university or study-related advice.”

"Dental student at Cardiff University hoping to shed some light on my course  uni life and how to apply for dentistry."

Physician Associate

"Following a BSc in Biomedical Science at University College London and a postgraduate degree at Swansea University Medical School. I am now in my first year of working as a Physician Associate in General Surgery and Acute Medicine. This is a new role in Wales and the wider UK that allows graduates to intensively learn clinical medicine and skills with the aim of working alongside Doctors in the NHS to diagnose and treat patients. It is a great job if you love people and medical science and want to work in an innovative new field of the NHS!"

"I first considered going into medicine when I was 21 but I couldnt find it in me to apply for the course - I couldnt quite see myself as a Doctor  and I wasnt ready for the commitment that Graduate Entry Medicine required. It wasnt until I reached 30 that I realised that I didn't want to be a Doctor - I wanted to be a Physician Associate! Fast forward a year and I am a PA student at Swansea University and I love it. This course is everything I wanted it to be  and Im enjoying studying with people from diverse backgrounds with different stories of how they got here.  I'm keen to share my experiences and knowledge  and let people know that its okay to not know exactly what you want to do!"


Marine Science

"I am a marine biologist  and my work focuses on the role of seabed animals such as worms and snails in helping maintain the health of their ecosystem; my enjoyment of communicating science has grown out of needing to explain that its most interesting parts often arent what you might expect! I am in the final year of my PhD at the University of Southampton  where I also studied for my MSci Marine Biology. I enjoy sci-art  and the blending of culture and STEM subjects as a way to improve both."


"I’m a medical statistician working at Kings College London. I design medical studies and analyse the data from them to determine if new treatments work, what are the causes of disease and