Awards for Excellence

The Awards For Excellence aim to recognise, promote and reward exceptional student commitment.

The Mullany Fund awards prizes to outstanding students of Physiotherapy at the University of the West of England, and of Medicine at Swansea University.

Below we've included testimonials from some of our winners, together with a list celebrating the winning recipients since the inception of the awards.


Louie Howie, 2022 winner

'I feel very honoured and proud that the UWE physiotherapy programme team awarded me the Mullany Prize for Excellence. The award was for our conversations about inclusivity within physiotherapy. I am interested in how physiotherapy can become more inclusive of gender diversity, including transgender. I’m also interested in the anti-racist work that a physiotherapy training programme needs to include, and my conversations with the programme team went hand in hand with my own learning about this following the murder of George Floyd in 2020 and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. I’m a member of the CSP LGBTQIA+ Diversity Network, and attend meetings with members of the CSP BAME Diversity Network and the DisAbility Diversity Network, and I know that there is still a lot of work to be done in physiotherapy to weaken structural oppression. I’m grateful to the Mullany Fund for the opportunity to bring a little more attention to this work.'

Obed, 2021 winner

'I’m really delighted and grateful to win the Mullany Prize for Excellence. Could not actually believe it when I received the email saying I had won it, and reading the history of the awards topped it off. My philosophy in life is to always make a difference and leave an impact wherever you find yourself; which I know Ben and Catherine surely did. I am currently waiting to start a band 5 rotational role with the scope to join the army as a physiotherapist in the near future. I believe my commitment passion and zeal to cause an impact will be magnified even more with my career as a physiotherapist. Once again thank you so much to the whole Mullany family and all the physiotherapy staff at UWE. We all have been created by God to make a difference in someone’s life.'

Steph Evans, 2019 winner

I graduated from UWE Bristol in July with a First Class Honours in Physiotherapy, and was awarded the Mullany Prize for Excellence .. I want to say that I think the work that the Mullany Fund does for physiotherapy and medicine students throughout the UK is inspirational. As an individual I have not always had a tremendous amount of self-confidence, especially in the region of education…However, receiving the Mullany Prize for Excellence has truly helped to develop my self-confidence and esteem in regard to my clinical skills. For this I wish to thank you so very much for creating Mullany Prize for Excellence so other physiotherapy students, as well as myself, can have an award which recognises our hard work and for contributing to others throughout our time at university.'

Zara Murphy, 2018 winner

'I was completely shocked but absolitely honoured to receive the award for my work throughout uni. We are very thankful to the family who donated the present.'

Victoria Baldy - 2017 winner

”I would like to say how honoured I am to have been presented with this prestigious Award. Throughout my three years at university I always strived to do my best and inspire others, and to be recognised is overwhelming….Receiving this Award has encouraged me to continue to achieve, inspire others and develop my learning through my career to the best of my ability.”

Lehrah Salisbury - 2016 winner

”I was honoured to learn of my selection for this Award and I am deeply appreciative of your generosity and support..I feel fortunate to have been involved in the development and changes within the physiotherapy program.”

Elliot Goodyer - 2013 winner

“It is overwhelming to be recognised for my efforts. This gesture has inspired me to continue to try my hardest and achieve the best I can.”


Awards for Excellence recipients

2022Louie Howie



2019 - Steph Evans

2018 - Zara Murphy

2017 - Victoria Baldy

2016 - Lehrah Salisbury

2015 - Jennifer Greet

2014 - Faye Goodwin

2013 - Elliot Goodyer

2012 - Claire Stables

2011 - Chris Jones

2010 - Katie Hurst / Eleanor Forrest

2009 - Nathan West