Future Routes - Mountain Ash student experience

Find out more about how one of our students from Mountain Ash School found their work experience placement.

During the Autumn 2018 session, we helped one of our students from Mountain Ash School secure a work experience placement at a local GP surgery.


'During my time in the position I was privileged enough to witness firsthand the day-to-day life of a traditional GP.'


'It has taught me that there is a lot of effort and commitment required to be a doctor and that helping patients that walk through the door can always bring a smile.'

'It allowed me to analyse many different aspects of being a doctor...I feel as if I now have a new grasp on how it all works.'


'The majority of my time was spent shadowing the GPs located in the surgery and it was one of the most intriguing experiences that I have ever partaken.'


'The GP I was trained under was very charismatic and thoughtful and always double checked - and even triple checked - every situation he was put into and strived greatly to help all the patients he saw.'