Future Routes - Bishop Vaughan student experience

Find out more about how one of our students from Bishop Vaughan School found their work experience placement.

During the Autumn 2018 session, we helped one of our students from Bishop Vaughan School secure a work experience placement at a local GP surgery.


'During the work experience placement I was able to shadow the varying and different roles in a GP surgery including GPs, nurses and healthcare assistants and I was able to observe the patients in the substance misuse clinic.'


'I also witnessed minor surgery incuding a steroid injection...and also dressing surgical wounds after surgery. The placement was very informative as the staff were very happy to describe to me the different procedures and functions of medications.'

'By shadowing these professionals I was able to get an insight into the life of a GP and other staff and [learn] how varied the conditions of patients coming into the surgery are as well as the difference in treatment provided...'


'I now understand how the development of technology and other strategies taken by the NHS greatly affect the effectiveness of the treatment of patients. I now know how team work plays a pivotal role in the surgery.'


'After gaining the work experience placement I am very confident that I want to go into medical school as the career [includes] an exciting element every day during work and the satisfication of the patients after you treat them.'