Kian's experience

Find out more about how Kian benefited from Mullany e-Mentoring.

Kian has made of the most of the opportunities available through Mullany e-Mentoring, and here he discusses his experiences of engaging with The Mullany Fund over the past two years.


How old are you currently? (2020)


How old were you when you joined your first Mullany e-Mentoring?


What made you get involved?

I wanted to make the most informed decision regarding my desired career. I saw this as an opportunity to get an insider’s perspective, as well as their feedback regarding my progress.

Did you have an idea of what you wanted to do in the future before interacting with the Fund?

Yes, I decided what I wanted to pursue when I was around fourteen. I’ve had mentoring from people a variety of stages in my chosen career path. It was invaluable to learn from them, check if I was on the right track, and importantly, their advice on that career path having been through part/ most of the process. Cumulatively, the experience affirmed my decision that my chosen career path is right for me.

If yes, in what ways has your involvement with e-Mentoring helped you move forward with your plans/have your plans changed?

Having had the opportunity of work experience placements I was able to explore my career path further, on a firsthand basis. It was the result of one of these experiences (SIMBEC) that I knew I wanted to incorporate a research role in my career.

What do you think the key thing e-Mentoring has helped you with over the years?

Affirming I’m on track and exceeding the requirements of attending my target university. It’s supremely enlightening to have my niche queries taken care of in a moment’s notice, with advice on how to move forward with it.

Where are you know in terms of your future goals?

I’m finalising my A-level studies, in preparation for university. Due to the pandemic, where admissions were severely affected, I’ve decided to apply the following admissions cycle instead. This was primarily due to the overflow of accepted students, due to the grades inflation, ultimately having a negative effect on my cohort by applying this cycle. With that in mind, I intend on utilising the gap between applying by self-studying A level maths in a year, including exams. If it helps, I’m studying biology, chemistry, physics, and the Welsh baccalaureate. In terms of university applications, when I’ve achieved my desired grades, I’m all set and have to wait until the admission cycle opens. My preparedness is in part due to my engagement through your platform over the many sessions; I thank you sincerely for that.