Students' experiences from autumn 2018!

Have a look at the learning gained through work experience!

Our Autumn session students share their experiences attending one of our work experience placements!

Placement – Mountain Ash Student

I saw the day to day life of working as a GP

During my time in the position I was privileged enough to witness firsthand the day-to-day life of a traditional GP; my time in the surgery allowed me to analyse many different aspects of what being a doctor is all about, from the varying patients with their personal problems to how the NHS requires documentation on said patients – I feel as if I now have an entirely new grasp on how it all works.

I now understand the effort and commitment of being a doctor

It has taught me that there is a lot of effort and commitment required to be a doctor and that helping the patients that walk through the door can always bring you a smile. The majority of my time was spent shadowing one of the various GPs located in the Surgery and it was one of the intriguing experiences that I have ever partaken as the GP I was trained under was a very charismatic and thoughtful man who always double checked – and even triple checked – every situation he was put into and strived greatly to help all the patients he received.


Placement – Hawthorn High School Student

This was my first time doing work experience

I am very lucky that I got to take part in this day work experience at the medical centre in Caerphilly. I was paired with a general practitioner who I was shadowing during the two day time period of my work experience. I was very nervous going in as this was my first time doing work experience however the GP made me feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout.

You didn’t know what problem the next patient would come in with

As I was shadowing the doctor I got to see the different types of patients the general practitioner had and all the different types of problems they came with. This made the experience a bit more interesting as you didn’t know what problem the next patient could come with.

Different paths I could take with medicine

The practitioner also explained the different paths I could take with medicine for example I could focus on treating the skin which would mean I would take the dermatology route. She explained that there were a lot of different things you can do with medicine, like you can become surgeon or do secondary work like childcare.


Placement – Bishop Vaughan Student

I was able to shadow the varying and different roles

During the work experience placement I was able to shadow the varying and different roles in a GP surgery like the general practitioners, nurse, healthcare assistant and I was able to observe the patients in the substance misuse clinic. By shadowing these individuals who have several roles, I was able to get an insight into the life of the GP and other staff and how varying the conditions of patients coming into the surgery are and the difference in the treatment provided by each staff. I was also able to sit with different GP’s which meant that I was able to understand the different approaches and the skills required for the GP to successfully treat the patient in front of them.

Witnessed minor surgery…

I also witnessed minor surgery like giving a steroid injection in the patella to patients who have joint pain for their pain relief and also dressing surgical wounds after the surgery. The placement itself was very informative as the staff were very happy to describe to me the different procedures and functions of medications. I also understand how the development of technology and other strategies taken by the NHS greatly affect the effectiveness of the treatment of patients. I now know how team work plays a pivotal role in the surgery.

I am very confident that I want to go into medical school

After gaining the work experience placement, I am very confident that I want to go into medical school due to the career holding an exciting element every day during work and the satisfaction of the patients after you treat them.