Mentora Mullany: Online Resources

On this page you will find relevant Project Resources which might support your conversations with your student during the e-Mentoring session.

Summer 2022

Weekly Themes of Support: 


Week 1:

Years 9-13: Welcome and introductions


Week 2:

Years 9-11: What job might suit you?

Year 12: Pathway to my future career

Year 13: Your plans and future pathway 


Week 3:

Year 9: Exploring a science career/introduction to university


Years 10&11: Pathway to my future career


Years 12&13: Work experience


Week 4:

Year 9: Pathway to my future career


Years 10-12: Developing effective study skills


Year 13: Self-motivation and setting SMART goals


Week 5:

Year 9: Developing effective study skills


Years 10&11: Work experience


Year 12: University and Apprenticeships


Year 13: Student Finance Wales


Week 6:

Year 9: Self-motivation and setting SMART goals


Years 10&11: An introduction to university/Apprenticeships


Year 12: Personal Statement/CV


Year 13: Looking after your mental wellbeing


Week 7:

Year 9: Time management


Years 10&11: Self-motivation and setting SMART goals


Year 12: Looking after your mental wellbeing


Year 13: Preparing over the Summer: Making the most of opportunities


Week 8:

Years 9-13: Thank you and goodbye