Work Experience

Changing Lives

Our Autumn session mentees share their experiences attending one of our work experience placements!

GP surgery – Gower College student

Experience I’ll never forget

During my half term, I was lucky to receive an amazing opportunity to gain work experience at Dr. Wilkes and partners GP surgery and it was an experience I’ll never forget. During my three days at the surgery I shadowed multiple GP’s, nurses, helped in the baby clinic and was shown how they assess urine.

I learnt many things…

I learnt many things during my experience, shadowing the GP’s as they were very supportive and willing to answer any questions I had. First I was told the different components of COPD- emphysema and bronchitis. These things affect the respiratory system and leave patients breathless.

I also learnt the difference between Cubital Tunnel Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome is due to the compression of the ulnar nerve while Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is due to the compression of the median nerve. I found this extremely interesting and I enjoyed learning this.

Gave me an insight into what it’s like 

I found the work experience extremely useful, as I had the opportunity to sit down and talk one to one with multiple GP’s and I was able to ask for advice that apply to things like applying for university and how to choose the correct career path. This experience gave me insight into what it’s like to be a GP or a Nurse.

Hospital Pharmacy department – Gwyr Student

No idea what career path

I registered with the Mullany Fund for more information about the life sciences and the opportunities available to me, which would be beneficial to me in making my future career decisions.

I had been talking to my mentor, and she suggested that I apply for one of the work experiences that were available for young people, who were taking science based A levels. I decided, as I had no idea what career path I wanted to follow, that an insight into pharmacy, an area I had very little knowledge about, would be very beneficial!

I learnt and saw first-hand…

We were split into groups and were taken around Singleton Hospital. I saw the dispensary, which I really enjoyed, as it gave me a sense of how everything worked and how the hospital operated. I felt really comfortable asking questions about anything, and I also enjoyed spending the day with other pupils who had similar interests as me. I also was able to see one of the wards, which was really interesting, because I learnt and saw first-hand how the different health care professionals worked together to provide the best patient care possible.

Would recommend 

I definitely learnt a lot from my experience and would recommend anybody else to take the opportunities presented to them, especially in health care as work experience in this field is very difficult to get, despite its necessity to pursuing your chosen course further.

Shadowing a Paramedic Lecturer – Gower College student

A fantastic experience!

On November 1st, I had the opportunity to visit the Singleton campus of Swansea University for work experience in the Paramedic Department. I arrived to find that I was the only one who applied for this placement therefore it would be one-on-one. It was a fantastic experience!

Shared some very exciting stories

I felt included by all of the students studying the course in university, and the lecturers were very welcoming and friendly. I watched students conduct manual handling and basic life support on very lifelike (and a bit spooky) dummies which was required for their upcoming exam. Tamara, one of the paramedics, also shared some very exciting stories of her time working on the ambulances and the whole day was very convincing.

Eye opening

I would definitely consider being a paramedic as one of my occupation options for the future after this day. Thank you Mullany for this eye opening experience!

Swansea University Nursing Department – Gower College student

Glad I took the opportunity

The experience was great and I’m very glad I took the opportunity. All the staff were very friendly as well as the other students, and the way we were taught was very lively and interesting so it was never dull.

If anyone gets the chance

The discussion lesson at the start was very informative and all questions were answered. Afterwards, the practical washing/feeding practice was fun as well as an important lesson for nurses to go through. If anyone gets the chance to attend any of these sessions, I would definitely recommend!