Work Experience

Changing Lives

These are letters we got from students who gained experience of work through our e-Mentoring project. They wanted to share with those thinking of signing up with us how it all went.

Gower College Student – GP surgery

I was very lucky to receive the opportunity to go for a day work experience in Victoria Gardens Surgery, Neath. I got to meet with the Practice Manager, shadow reception staff, got to meet the various healthcare staff within the practice,  the administrative staff and shadow one of the GPs whilst he saw patients.

What did I gain from the placement?

I found this work experience very informative as I got to witness how the varying jobs within a General Practice affect the patient on their journey as they visit. It was really interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes in a General Practice. I had a lovely overview given to me by the practice manager which informed me about the entirety of the role as a GP.

My favourite part

My favourite part of the day was getting to sit in whilst the GP saw patients. He was really nice in explaining patient cases and even got the chance to talk to me about various parts of the Medicine Application process.

Feeling confident!

Doing this work experience has provided me with the confidence that going into Medicine is the correct career for me and has ignited my passion to become a General Practitioner. I would like to thank The Mullany Fund for organising it and for Victoria Gardens surgery and their staff for looking after me so well!


Bishop Gore Student – GP surgery

My placement was based at a GP surgery. At the start of the day, I stayed in reception seeing what the job of a receptionist was. During the day, I shadowed two Nurses and observed the interaction they had with the patients and how they attended them.

How did the placement help me?

It was interesting observing them and learning the skills used by the Nurses. I feel that visiting the surgery has made me see the sort of jobs I could be doing as a future Nurse. The placement has made me experience what a GP surgery is like.

Future possibilities!

It is now somewhere I may consider to work in the future. I am very grateful to The Mullany Fund to have been given the opportunity to do the work experience. I have really enjoyed.


Bishop Gore student- Shadowing a Paramedic Lecturer

Work experience was a really good opportunity for me. It allowed me to try out one, out of the many aspects of medicine to help decide which route I would like to take.

What did the placement involve?

During the placement, I shadowed the paramedic lecturer. I discovered a lot about what paramedics do and how to assist patients in a specific situation.

What did I learn?

I learnt, for instance, if a child had a cardiac arrest, the veins on its hands would not be visible. This meant that they would have to drill a hole into the child’s leg and inject it to allow oxygen through. (I didn’t even know drilling and injecting through the bones was possible.) I also took part in activities such as injecting a dummy’s neck through their pulmonary vein as this is seen as a last resort. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience.


Bishop Gore Student – GP surgery

My week placement in Tabernacle surgery went really well and I learnt a lot from it.

What did I experience?

The placement involved shadowing healthcare professionals within the surgery which gave me an insight into the day to day working life in a GP’s surgery. I got to observe blood tests and ECG’s which was interesting to observe.

Practical work

I also got to do some practical work like helping nurses get equipment for example and also got to test urine samples and compare the dipsticks with a chart for diagnosis which was something I had never done before! I also got to see a range of patients of all ages during my time at the surgery and got to observe the baby clinic and see vaccinations that was being given to the children and the different types of forms that were filled in.

It was an eye opener!

The experience was a real eye opener from the usual programmes you see on the TV and going to the GP’s as a patient, its given me an insight into medicine and has made me more determined than ever to become a doctor and has helped me acquire knowledge both academically and socially. Thank you for the opportunity!