Our Impact

Changing Lives

What we have achieved…

Our e-Mentoring project provides disadvantaged students with advice and support they need to help them with their studies and their future career plans.

Through our exit surveys, we measure how far young people involved in our e-Mentoring project feel that the project has made a difference to them, and this information is supported by Focus Groups with some of the young people involved.

Over the course of our 3 year Big Lottery funded project, over 400 students took part in our project – this is the difference the project made to those students!


91% felt that through the project they had been enabled to pursue a career of their choice

73% had either applied to or would apply in the future to university


88% feel they improved their study skills

80% had improved their communication skills

77% had improved their confidence


92% had an improved understanding of the application process into life sciences

80% feel they got advice on exam preparation and revision techniques

79% were advised on subject selection

53% got advice on personal statements and CV’s

Here’s what those involved in the project had to say…

Teacher, Cefn Hengoed School

”I am very passionate about the Mullany program, I think that it is such a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to be able to change their lives and the lives of their children, to break the cycle of poverty that many of our pupils are in. ”


‘‘I have found this experience extremely valuable and feel a lot more confident in my future plans, thank you”.

‘Thank you for talking to me and answering me and helping me out in my struggles”.


‘‘Really enjoyed the experience and feel like it has helped my mentees’’.