Cassie’s Story

Changing Lives

This is one of a series of case studies, attempting to give a human feel to the positive impact the work of the Mullany Fund is having.

This particular story is about Cassie*, who signed up to be mentored by our eMentoring project. It is presented in her words:

Growing up

“Ever since I was a little girl, I had always wished of being a nurse and helping people. But as I grew older and told my friends what I wanted to do, they never believed that I could do it, which made me lower my expectations of my future.

Getting advice

“Eventually then I was in year 10 and my science teacher asked if I would be interested in going into the world of medicine and if I wanted some advice on the right path to take. I then got involved with the Mullany Fund in March 2015. At that point, I was in year 10 and was undecided on what I wanted to do in the future.

My future

“The Mullany Fund has changed my view on how I see my future. I then knew what I wanted to do in a matter of 5 weeks of messages between my mentor and I. I decided that I wanted to go into Neurosurgery and I should never give up.

The value of my mentor

“My mentor taught me that aiming high is the best thing as you will never be disappointed in yourself, but proving to yourself that you can do anything is the greatest challenge of all. My mentor taught me everything I needed to know to continue with my challenge.

“It has changed my life”

“October last year, I decided to take another 10 weeks of mentoring with the Mullany Fund but this time, an insight of life as a neurosurgeon. My time with my mentors is an experience which I will never forget and would recommend anyone to try mentoring with the Mullany Fund. It has changed my life and my view on medicine.”