What difference did e-Mentoring make to me?

Jarrod's experience


Careers in Medicine

“The Mullany Fund has given me an insight into careers in medicine that I would not have had without this project. The scheme has helped me by many means, including assisting me with my CV and UCAS Personal Statements. In addition to these I and my mentor discussed medical news at length, such as the junior doctors’ contracts and technology in medicine – improving my communication skills and debating skills.

Summer school in London

“I was lucky enough to be chosen to go to University College London Hospital (UCLH) for 5 days, which was based in the education centre, hospital and cancer centre; I gained valuable skills such as CPR, ABCDE systematic clinical assessment tools, health record taking, and Minimum Access Surgery (MAS), also an introduction to Intensive Care Medicine and medical research.


“I have also attended a few workshops run by the Mullany Fund at Swansea University, which gives out information such as values of the health service/board and interesting talks about medicine.

Confidence and improved skills

“The project has impacted my choices to go into medicine and if so made me more determined to aim for that role as a doctor. The project has made me more confident in myself and improved my communication/literacy skills through talking to different people.”