What difference did e-Mentoring make to me?

Felicity's experience

I had no idea

“When I first started the Mullany e-mentoring program, I was asked what career path I wished to pursue. I had no idea. I knew I wanted to work in science, but didn’t know what kind or how to go about deciding.

Advice with GCSE options

“After 4 weeks of speaking to my mentor, I was given my options for my GCSEs next year. I was able to fill out my forms with no second thoughts or doubts.

My grades have risen

“My mentor has also given me advice on revision techniques, time management, and boosting my confidence. I am now more confident and my grades have risen due to how I manage my time and revise.

Developing ambition

“I am glad to say that I am now ambitious about becoming a biochemist and that I decided on this career path with the help of a great mentor. I am incredibly thankful for the work my mentor has done with me and I am finding my new mentor to be just as useful.

Keen to continue  

“I look forward to all of the great advice I am to receive in the future. I would also be extremely keen on continuing with the e-mentoring program after this 9 week period is over.”