About Us

The Mullany Fund believes that ambition, ability and effort should be the only things needed for achievement.

We are committed to remove any barriers that background, tradition and disadvantage may place in the way of young people. We have a focus on life-sciences

Why do we believe this?

  • As an example: 61% of medics have been privately educated compared to 7% of the UK population as a whole (Leading People 2016). Many other careers have similar breakdowns.
  • Having Universities that reserve places for privately educated pupils means that advantage provides opportunity. We want opportunity for all.
  • We believe that achievement for people from all backgrounds eventually enriches us all.

Organisational Aims

Areas of support

Our organisation has grown, and with this growth we have widened our area of support from medicine and healthcare to wider life-sciences

Geographic growth

Our activites are currently focused in the south west of Wales, but given the undoubted impact and value that work is having, The Mullany Fund wishes to grow the geographical area its work covers to be available to all the young people of Wales. Our current project development work is in this area.

Partnership growth

We are very aware the we are only one small part of the jig-saw that could help young people. We’re looking for opportunities to partner with organisations across Wales and beyond to deliver the opportunities that our youth deserve.